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The only thing that is constant...

Have you ever taken a vacation for a week, come back to work and everything seemed to have changed while you were gone? New boss, new POS system, new SOP, even new acronyms! This little vacation story sums up social media quite well. Everytime I log onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat or any other social channel I say to myself "what's new today?".

Pitcher the Impact...

The impetus behind starting zentiv agency was finding clients that let all of our individual talents shine in unison. A single violin is beautiful in its simplicity, but an orchestra sends shivers down my back when I think about all of instruments working together to play as one.

The City of Santa Rosa's Take it from the TAP campaign recently gave zentiv the opportunity to send the shivers... or at the very least spread an important message along with smiles to Sonoma and Marin counties.

Content is King

Everyone who's anyone in tech and marketing knows Bill Gates' famous line, "Content Is King." Originally coined in 1996, this phrase is used so frequently that it's become common jargon in the industry -- a buzzword (buzzphrase?). Twenty years later, it's still cited in strategy meetings and marketing plans.