Northern California’s
newest creative agency


has been around
for 18 years.

(what does that mean?)


After working together on a project basis since 2006, two of Northern California’s best have decided to make it official.

Zenergy Works is the premier digital agency North of the Golden Gate Bridge.

TIV is a branding, design and marketing agency working with accounts across the United States since 1998.

zentiv is the best of both worlds, offering a full-service agency experience by combining two established and complementary agencies.


All of zentiv’s work starts with a DISCOVER phase. We are big believers in speaking to our audience in the most effective way possible. And the only way to support our branding and digital efforts is to start with a solid strategy.

We’ve always taken the approach of walking alongside our clients rather than pushing them in one direction or another. This strategy helps zentiv and our clients confirm we’re headed down the right path...together.


zentiv has a team to serve all of our clients’ branding, marketing and digital needs. And we feel like the magic really happens when we can develop all of the components to work in unison: Packaging supports branding, collateral supports packaging, digital supports collateral, social supports digital, and so on and so forth.

We’ve got it all covered and we make sure everything is aligned in a way that speaks directly to the audience.

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